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G. 8mm Mauser JS, by Germany 1937, A.P., One Cartridge not a Box


8mm MauserJS, German 1937, A.P., One Cartridge not a Box. Please Click on Picture or Title for more Details

Please click on the picture for more detail.

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NOTICE: Armor Piecing ammunition is illegal to own and ship to collectors in California, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  and any other state that is illegal to own or ship too. Sold as a “Collectible only” or “Forensic Laboratory use” from my own collection!


ONE CARTRIDGE, NOT A BOX!: 8mm Mauser JS, AP, produced in 1937 by Polte, Magebury, Germany,sing then new brass cases with “P  S* 9  37Headstamp and loaded with a 178 grain (S.m.k.) Armor Piecing projectile (see picture onabove right) with carbon steel center and copper-clad, light steel jacketed bullet, with a light bullet crimp and a dark red primer sealer on 3 crimp primer.

For more specimens, see below in related itemsHistory of the 8mm Mauser J and JS (Rimless) cartridge:The original 8x57mm J Mauser (Rimless) cartridge used a .318″ diameter projectile and was patterned in 1888, as the 7.92x57mmJ Mauser or/and 8x57Jmm Mauser .The Mauser 8x57mmJS or called the 8mm Mauser for short (Rimless) cartridge used a .323″ diameter projectile used in the German Military bolt-action Mauser rifle starting in 1905 as the 8x57JSmm and used in World War I and II. One of the best military cartridges to be produced.A great cartridge caliber and rifle action still used today.

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