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  • If you are selling ammunition, Please e-mail us at: info@ammo-one.com, or phone us at 207-648-4087

Shipping Restrictions on ammunition.

No orders will be shipped outside of the United States. 

RESTRICTED STATES, you will need to do you part before ordering

Ammunition is only shipped by UPS shipped by USPS NO P.O. Boxes and Less UPS cost to you if to a bussinss.
NO shipping of ammunition to Washington DC, Hawii, Alaska or outside USA.
California new laws now in effect, we must ship your order to a Gunshop (FFL) or if you have a C&R FFL and a COE we can ship to you. Please do not order unless you have sent us the information at info@ammo-one.com or we can ship to another state.
New York State all sales must be shipped to an FFL (gunshop) only, for you to pick up.Please do not order unless you have sent us the information at info@ammo-one.com or we can ship to another state.
IL, MA, CT, NJ Firearms Ordnance ID or carry permit needed. Please do not order unless you have sent us the information at info@ammo-one.com or we can ship to another state.

Any Order we have to cancel, because you do not send us "THE ABOVE INFORMATION" may cost you 4% of the order cost to pay for credit card processing cost, even after the order is canceled, as the credit card companies still charge us!

Types of ammunition restrictions.

Tracer , incendiary: no sales to California,
Armor Piercing Rifle:  California, Connecticut, Please note  5.56 NATO loaded with M855 is not considered Armor Piecing by the ATF.
50 BMG: California
45 ACP : California
Special note: Under the Gun Control Act of 1968  Armor piecing pistol ammunition is against the law to manufacture in the USA, however the Federal Government and most states allow boxes or cartridges of metal piecing made before 1968 to be in a bonafide collection, and sold as collectible ammunition.

Unless "otherwise stated" as boxes, packages, sets or combos, all loaded ammunition is sold as single cartridges.  Please note:  A loaded cartridge is the case, primer, powder and projectile (bullet). One cartridge is sometimes incorrectly called "one round," "one shell" or "one bullet". Unless otherwise stated, single cartridges are limited to 3 per order, and .22 boxes are limited to one each per customer; for other packages or boxes you may order more, if available.  Check limitations on each page.

Due to the age of some of our ammunition, our single cartridges are sold as collectibles only and are not guaranteed by us or the manufacturer to fire.  Ammo-one or the manufacturer will not accept responsibility for damages to property or individuals if older cartridges malfunction.

 Ammunition ships by UPS only; we require a street address for shipping (no post office boxes).  By ordering, you agree to work with UPS to deliver your package if there is a problem.  If UPS refuses to deliver your package for any reason, you must contact UPS to make arrangements for delivery or pick-up.  If you do not make arrangements with UPS and the package is returned to us, you will incur additional charges for that return: return shipping ($30.00) plus a returned package fee of $15.00 for a total of $45.00. This will be deducted from your payment before refunds are processed.  If you have provided an incorrect shipping address, there is an additional fee of $15.00 for delivery charged by UPS (no fee charged if you pick up the package at the terminal).  Please contact us via email with any questions.

Save 4% on mail orders!  We accept MasterCard, VISA, money orders and personal checks.  Personal checks take up to 10 days to clear, unless you are a previous customer and we have approved a check in advance.  We do not accept PayPal or American Express.  To take advantage of the 4% discount, place your items in the cart and, rather than pay by credit card, print the order, deduct 4% for a cash sale, add $14.95 for shipping and send it to us with your money order.

Shooting ammunition

First and foremost, it is your firearm, it is up to you to make sure you only use the correct ammunition; not up to us, as we are not gunsmiths and we can't see your firearm. If you don't know ask a "GOOD" gunsmith. Many different calibers of ammunition may fit into a firearm, and many may be very dangerous to use in your firearm.  It is up to you to know if your firearm is fit to be fired and always check the barrel to make sure it is clear, or you are holding a bomb..

"The shooting ammunition on our web-site is loaded to SAAMI standards by reputable manufacturers, who prefer not to disclose the internal ballistics data beyond certifying it as produced to SAAMI specifications (which is legal, largely because of trade secret protections). We are merely the retailer. Only the user can determine if the ammunition is suitable for their firearm, that the firearm is in good repair and is capable of using a particular loading.

rules of purchase

On our single cartridges sold to collectors - due to the age of many of our cartridges, they are sold as a collectible item only with no guarantee to fire.  Boxes of "new" shooting ammo will fire and are guaranteed to fire.
By purchasing live ammunition from www.ammo-one.com, either online or over the phone, you affirm that you:
- Are a U.S. Citizen
- Have never been convicted of a felony or crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year
- Have never been adjudicated as mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution
- Have never been a fugitive from justice, an unlawful user of any controlled substance
- Have never been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces
- Have never renounced his or her US citizenship
- Have never been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
- Are not currently subject to a court order that restrains you from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner.

Returns Policy

A)   No returns 30 days after delivery.
B)   We will refund all orders, however if the error is your fault we will not refund the shipping cost (both ways) and there will be a 30 % restocking charge to help pay for our labor cost. Pricing is not a reason for any return.
C)   On older collectible cartridges: all are sold as a collectible and due to age we can not guarantee they will fire and no returns on fired, cartridges.
D)   Returns due to you not being able to meet UPS (if needed) for delivery will cost you $15.00 to ship , $15.00 to return ship and $15.00 UPS return fee = $45.00 plus a 30 % return fee on the product you purchased.
E.)   Any address change after the package has shipped will cost you a $13.00 UPS Fee.