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.204 ruger, "new"*, by fiocchi, "g.f.l." h/s, one cartridge, not a box.
.204 Ruger, “NEW”*, by Fiocchi, “G.F.L.” H/S, One Cartridge, not a Box.



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.204 Ruger, “NEW”*, by Fiocchi, “G.F.L.” H/S, One Cartridge, not a Box.


“NEW Production!”, MINT! Bright! NO Dents! No Scratches, No corrosion! No Junk!
One Cartridge, not a box, the picture of the box is for reference only.
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In stock

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* Notice we do not sell junk, cartridges are “New” condition unless stated otherwise on the item page and /or title.

One Cartridge not a box, picture of the box is for reference only!

One Cartridge not a Box: .204 Ruger by Fiocchi of America Factory production using new Fiocchi brass cases with “G.F.L. 204 RUGER” Head-Stamp and loaded with 32 grain V-MAX RED BALLISTIC TIP (Basically a Plastic Covered Jacketed Hollow Point) projectile.

For more versions of this caliber cartridge, please see below in related items.

History of the .204 Ruger  cartridge:
The 204 Ruger was introduced by Ruger and Hornady in 2004 to create an ultra high speed .20 caliber varmint and target cartridge.
Basically the 204 Ruger is a .222 Remington Magnum necked down from .223″ to .204″ and with a 32 V-max bullet that is a Screamer at 4225 Feet per Second, which may be the fastest cartridge commercially produced cartridge on it’s introductory date.

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