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.22 hornet, p/l, 45gr. jsp, one cartridge, not a box!
.22 Hornet, “PPU H/S”, JSP, One Cartridge, not a Box!



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.22 Hornet, “PPU H/S”, JSP, One Cartridge, not a Box!


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One Cartridge, not a Box: .22 Hornet, New production using new PPC brass cases with “PPU 22 Hornet head-stamp and loaded with a 45 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile. 

For more versions of this caliber, please see below in related items.

History of the .22 Hornet:
The 22 Hornet was developed in the late 1920s by Colonial Townsend Whelen and Captain G.L. Wotkyns for the Springfield Armory, using the older 22 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) black powder cartridge, and the new (for the era) smokeless powders to achieve higher velocity.
Winchester offered this caliber ammunition to the public in 1930.

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