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(d.) .220 Swift, Factory ” DUMMY” by Remington, Dyed Brown Case with No Primer Pocket, JHP, Dull, some minor ccratches, One Cartridge not a Box!


“Factory Dummy, Dyed Brown, No Primer Pocket, some scratches and dull, normal for dummy cartridges
One Cartridge, not a box, the picture of the box is for reference only.
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“Factory Dummy, Dyed Brown, No Primer Pocket, some scratches and dull, normal for dummy cartridges

One Cartridge not a box, picture of the box is for reference only!

One Cartridge Note a Box: .220 SwiftDummy” Cartridge by Remington, made with new brass Remington Brass cases , dyed brown with NO PRIMER POCKET and  “R-P 220 SWIFT” Head-Stamp, and JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) projectile.

For more versions of this caliber see below in related items.

Factory Dummy Cartridge History:
Most all “Factory” dummy cartridges are dyed brown, have no gunpowder with either no primer or a drilled inert primer, or many have no primer pocket or no hole in the primer pocket and in rimfire dummy cartridges, in most cases, will have a hole drilled in the head to indicate a dummy cartridge. They are all inert, not live and will not fire in a firearm.
Factory dummy cartridges are used by firearms manufactures, gunsmiths and many firearms owners to safely test the firearm’s actions. The military also uses them for drills and parades, and some dummy cartridges may be chromed.
Any hand loaders can produce cheap dummy cartridges by not loading a primer or gunpowder into a cartridge, but normally only factory dummy cartridges are dyed brown or chromed and used for safety reasons.
History of .220 Swift cartridge:
The 220 Swift was developed by Winchester from the 6mm Lee case, introduced by Winchester in 1935, chambered in the Winchester Model 54 bolt-action rifle, and later in 1936 in the Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle.
The 220 Swift was an exceptionally fast cartridge for its time, given the powders available in 1935, and it is still one of the fastest calibers today with speeds over 4,100 feet per second, making it still a great varmint cartridge today.
Remington offered an electric primed rifle and cartridge in 220 swift, along with 25-250 Remington and 243 Winchester calibers in 2000. (Those cartridges will not work in a normal primed rifle.)
The popularity of the 220 Swift waned with the introduction of the Remington 22-250 in 1965; however it is still a great caliber.

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