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.222 Remington Magnum, Match Grade, 50gr. JHP, Boxes of 20 Cartridges


For single cartridges for collectors on this caliber please see below in related items.

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This product may never be produced again, due to lack of components .

Fot Singles cartridges for collectors , please see below in related items.

This is .222 Remington “Magnum”, not .222 Remington or .223 Remington.

This is not your cheap, mass produced on automatic machine target ammo. This is Custom Hand Loaded, one cartridge at a time, “MATCH GRADE” Hunting ammunition, for when that one shot counts.

One Box of 20 cartridges: .223 Remington Magnum, Custom Loaded Hand Loaded, “MATCH GRADE” for A Call to Arms, LLC using new Nosler brass cases with 50 grain Barnes, JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) projectile. Packaged in heavy plastic, reuseable box.

History of the .222 Remington Magnum Cartridge:The 222 Remington Magnum was introduced in 1958 for the Remington Model 722 bolt- action rifle, after being in experimental military test, but never adopted by the U.S. Military.The 222 Remington Magnum has 20% more capacity and delivers 100 F.P.S. more velocity then the now current 222 Remington production cartridge.The 222 Remington Magnum and Remington 223 or (5.56 NATO) have almost the same ballistics, however the 222 Remington Magnum has about 5 % more case capacity.Do not fire the Remington 223 in a 222 Remington Magnum rifle, it is not the same cartridge.

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