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.223 Timbs aka 7.62 Accelerator, One Cartridge.



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One Cartridge not a box: .223 Timbs also called 7.62x25mm Accelerator. Loaded with a saboted (sabot is a plactic holder with an outside diameter of .30″ and holds a .22″ caliber) .22″ caliber, 40 grain JSP (Jacked Soft Point) projectile.

History of wildcat cartridges:
A wildcat cartridge is made by an individual by changing the shape of a regular manufactured cartridge case “parent cartridge.” 
A “parent cartridge” is a regular, standardized, manufactured mass-produced commercial product, like the 30-30 Winchester.
Normally, but not always, a wildcat cartridge is made by necking the case mouth narrower or wider in diameter to accept a different diameter projectile and also by changing the length of the case or changing the angle of the case wall to the case neck.
Sometimes it is just changing the projectile. Basically a “wildcat cartridge” is just different (like us cartridge collectors).
Many regular, commercial cartridge calibers today began as a wildcat cartridge.

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