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.30 Luger / 7.65x21mm, JSP, One Box of 50 cartridges.


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One Box of 50 cartridges – .30 Luger or 7.65mm Parabellum loaded with a 93 grain JSP (jacketed soft point) projectile.

History of this Cartridge. The 30 Luger or 7.65 Parabellum (or 7.65x21mm) was designed by George Luger for the Luger pistol and introduced in Germany around 1900 by Deutsche u.Munitiions Fabriken.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this cartridge has both metric and inch designation, and available in single cartridges (for collectors) and boxes for shooters, it is listed in 4 categories: collectible & shooting pistol, Inch and Metric. code 5997

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Weight 1.60 lbs

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