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.338-224 Win., .338-284 Canadian KCG, One Cartridge, Not a Box!


 Please note: in the left picture, on the right side: Left. 338-284 vs Right 284 Winchester, for size comparison.
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Please note in the above picture: Left. 338-284 vs Right 284 Winchester, for size comparison.

One Cartridge, not a box: .338-284 Winchester, also called also called .338-284 Canadian KCG. Custom loaded for A Call to Arms, LLC using new Quality Cartridge Company Brass cases with “QUAL-CART 338-284 WIN” Head-Stamp and loaded with a Hornady 200 grain SST projectile. Live, Loaded, ammunition but sold as a collectible. 

History of the .338-284 Winchester or .338-284 Canadian KCG:

The .338-284 is a Wildcat based on the .284 Winchester case being necked up to .338 caliber.Designed by gunsmith Mark Pinkston, who owns Kailua Custom Guns in Hawaii, and  was an attempt to offer a .338 caliber rifle cartridge for lightweight carbines.

The .338-284 Canadian KCG is named after Kailua Custom Guns.The .338-284 is suitability for North Americancgame which added the Canadian part of the title.The .338-284 Winchester is the same as the.338-284 Canadian KCG.

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