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.375 CheyTac, One Cartridge not a Box


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One Cartridge , Not a Box: .375 C/T* for CHEYenne TACtical newer production using new Peterson brass  with “PETERSON .375 (9.5x77mm) “ Head Stamp loaded with 350 grain “ Balanced Flight Bullet” projectile and new factory cone bullet crimp on case neck.

History of the .375 CHeyenne TACtical cartridge:

Introduced in 2007, the .375 CHeyenneTACtical, also called the 375-408 CHeyenneTACtical is a necked down version of the .408 CHeyenneTACtical, from .408 caliber to .except .375 caliber diameter projectiles.

The .408 CHeyenneTACtical cartridge was developed in 2001 by Dr. John Taylor to fill the gap between the 338 Lapua and 50 BMG for the U.S. Army. It was first named the CHeyenneTAC; later they shortened the name by using the first 4 letters of Cheyenne and the first 3 letters if Tactical.


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