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.475 No.2 N.E, 3&_” by Kynoch, Box of 5 Cartridges


Out of Stock, .475 No.2 N.E, 3&½” by Kynoch, Box of 5 Cartridges. Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

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Out of Stock.

One Box of 5 Cartridges: 475 No.2 Nitro Express, 3&½” also called 475 No.2 Jeffery by Kynoch of England, factory loaded using new Kynoch brass cases with “KYNOCH 475 No 2 Nitro” head-stamp and 480 grain, steel covered, copper-clad coated coated “SOLID” projectile.Please Note: Single Cartridges available please see in related items below.History of .475 No. 2 Nitro Express cartridge:    The 475 NO.2 Nitro Express a.k.a. 475 No.2 Jeffery is a 3&1/2″ (Bottled Necked) cartridge introduced in the early 1900’s.It was designed for the Jeffery Rifle which replaced the 450 No. 2 Nitro Express (3&1/2″) case in India due to a British Law prohibiting .45 Caliber Rifle Cartridges in India at the time.

Weight 1.10 lbs