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9mm Danish Revolver, Obsolete, One Cartridge


Out of Stock, 9mm Danish Revolver, One Cartridge, not a box. Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

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Please note: This cartridge is in Regular Metric Single Cartridge and Military Metric Single Cartridge sections.Please Note: STRICT LIMIT OF ONE CARTRIDGE PER COLLECT.

One Cartridge: 9mm Danish Revolver by Government Ammunition Factory, HAERRENS AMMUNITIONSARSENALET in 1941. with new brass with a “ Danish Crest  1941 HA”in Head Stamp and loaded with a lead projectile.

History of the 9mm Danish Revolver Cartridge: The 9mm Danish Army, or  9mm Danish Revolver and introduced in the early 1900s for the M.91 Danish Army Revolver, which was still being used in WWII.

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