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9mm Japanese Revolver, NEW! Lead, One Cartridge, not a Box!



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9mm Japanese Revolver, NEW! Lead, One Cartridge, not a Box!


Please note: More versions of  9mm Japanese revolver please see below in related items.
For more information please see below.

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Currently, the maximum order is 6 cartridges per customer.

One Cartridge, not a Box!: 9mm Japanese Revolver, New production! using new reformed 38 Special brass and loaded with a 150 grain Lead projectile. Loaded to 9mm Japanese Specs, but due to poor condition of some revolvers you shot at your own risk. if in doubt, take you firearm to a gunsmith!

Please note: More versions of 9mm Japanese cartridges, please see below  in related items.

History of the 9mm Japanese Revolver cartridges:
The 9mm Japanese revolver cartridge was used in the 1893 Japanese Service Revolver.
It was produced in Japan until the end of World War II.
There were a fairly large amount of revolvers brought back after the war. A few small ammunition companies made special production runs in the U.S.A.  after the war for use in those pistols.
To my knowledge no manufacturer is producing this cartridge at the writing. (11/28/15)

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