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8mm Gasser by Fiocchi, FMJ, One Box of 50 Cartridges.


8mm Gasser by Fiocchi, FMJ, One Box of 50 Cartridges Click on the picture, or title for more details.

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One box of 50 cartridges! 8mm Rast-Gasser by Fiocchi of  Italy, new stock made with new brass and loaded with a FMJ (Full Metal Jacketed) projectile.

History of the Cartridge:

The 8mm Rast-Gasser is a military revolver cartridge introduced in 1898 in Germany for the Rast-Gassermilitary revolver patented in 1873 and other revolvers at a later date.No revolver were chambered in this caliber in the USA, however it was popular in Europe.The only make of this cartridge if Fiocchi in Italy how, to my limited knowledge  only imports it into the U.S.A. once every few years. 95911 

Weight 2.10 lbs